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When I got out of school, I did what most of my friends did. I got a job in the business world. It didn't take me long to realize that this was definitely NOT the life for me. Sitting behind a desk in front of a computer seemed like the surest way to a miserable life for someone like me. I needed a job where I could be creative, where I could develop relationships with people, where I could make a difference in peoples' lives. As quickly as I could, I said goodbye to 8 hour days behind a computer, and hello!


Why hair? It all started when I began cutting my little brother's hair. He and his friends were fearless when it came to their haircuts and styles, and they let me experiment, learn, and create with abandon. What fun it was!  It allowed me to express my creativity, and even better, it was a way for those boys to show their creativity, too. I knew this was the medium I was born to work with.


I dove into the hair business with gusto. I wanted my skill level to match my enthusiasm,  so I assisted for some of the best hairstylists in business, soaking up knowledge like a sponge. I was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to attend the Toni & Guy Academy, and I attended an elite Aveda program. I still love learning and I continue my education consistently.

But I wanted to take it a step further. I didn't want to be one of many stylists in a big, noisy salon. I wanted to create a space all my own, one that reflects my personality and is a relaxing space for my clients to spend some time. I wanted a place where my clients could come in, close the door, and have someone take care of them for a change. That's when my studio, Compliments Hair Salon, was born.

My salon is a drama-free zone. It's a place where you can relax and indulge in the little things that I think set my salon apart from the rest. It's a quiet, cozy place where you'll get my focused attention. You'll get the benefit of my 30 years of experience and the pampering touches that will lift your spirits as well as your look.


When I'm not at Compliments, I'm taking care of my three teenage girls, working out (I'm perpetually either recovering from or looking forward to my next race, triathlon, weight lifting session, or hike!), reading a good book, or learning from a great podcast. I'm a people person, and I can't wait to meet you!



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Compliments Hair Salon

inside Monogram Salon Suites

19805 N 51st Ave, Suite 11

Glendale, AZ 85308

Tel: 623-341-7134

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